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Dashcam.co.uk is the Dashcam division of Speedcam Systems Ltd.

We specialise in high quality automotive products that really benefit UK Motorists and are 1) excellent value for money and; 2) have an excellent user experience.

Our latest creation is the Dragonfly™ Dashcam Recorder, which you can read all about on our home page.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you as a customer, and would like to invite you to try the Dragonfly Dashcam™ out on a 90 day trial, risk free!

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Dashcam Law

Although there is not yet any specific law relating to Dash cams in the UK, the following are from the Construction and Use Regulations 1986:

30.  (1)   Every motor vehicle shall be so designed and constructed that the driver thereof while controlling the vehicle can at all times have a full view of the road and traffic ahead of the motor vehicle.

(2)  Instead of complying with the requirement of paragraph (1) a vehicle may comply with Community Directive 77/649, 81/643 or, in the case of an agricultural motor vehicle, 79/1073.

(3)  All glass or other transparent material fitted to a motor vehicle shall be maintained in such condition that it does not obscure the vision of the driver while the vehicle is being driven on a road

So any screen must not be a distraction (which dashcam screens most certainly ARE in my experience, especially at night), and the device must not obstruct vision.

In the opinion of the Lawyers we consulted (who also happen to be the lawyers for our “sister” company, DriveProtect), any crash following from the use of a dashcam with a screen could put you at risk of a prosecution.

The Dragonfly, like other non-screen dashcams, is perfectly compliant with any interpretation of the law so long as it’s not mounted as to obstruct your view.